Introduction to MAPPS

The Emblem of the Society

The emblem of MAPPS consist parts such as below:-

  1. A pair of hands in a clasping position – signifying the protection of economis crop plants such as a grain cereal and a dicotyledon placed in between the two hands.
  2. The whole figure is bound by a circle containing the name of the Society in Bahasa Malaysia and in English.
  3. The figures and words are in black and white offer exclusive look of the emblem.

The Malaysian Plant Protection Society (MAPPS) was established in 1976. MAPPS was formed with the following objectives:

+ To promote and advance knowledge on all aspect of plant protection in Malaysia.
+ To organise and arrange lectures, meetings, symposia, seminars, workshops for promotion of and exchange of views among members on plant protection at regional and international levels.
+ To publish and communicate scientific knowledge on plant protection and related subjects in whatever form it deems necessary. Since its formation, MAPPS has been extremely active in fulfilling these objectives.

MAPPS has a large professional manpower base. Its membership has risen from 50 in 1976 to over 500 in 2001 of which 25% of the total membership are life members.  More than 50% of the members are currently actively engaged in various aspects of plant protection research and implementation.

There are also members from overseas, namely Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States of America. The majority of the members belong to private agrochemical companies, followed closely by government research organizations, academic institutions and plantation industry.

In addition, MAPPS’s sustaining associates are leading corporations and companies in the plant protection  and agroindustry. These companies deal with a range of crop protection tools which include pesticides (including microbials), pest monitoring tools and plant growth enhancers.

MAPPS, being a professional society, is poised to participate in the development and implementation of IPM programmes in Malaysia. The Society’s involvement in the drafting of the national IPM Policy by virtue of its membership in the Steering Committee bears testimony of its recognition by the relevant authorities as an important organization which could contribute towards plant protection.

In line with the vision of the Malaysian Plant Protection Society (MAPPS) to become the premier society that will promote and advance the science and practice of plant protection in the tropics, MAPPS through its Education Trust Fund (MAPPS-ETF), is will soon be officially launching two new schemes that will further enhance our cause.

Visit the MAPPS-ETF MAPPS-ETF webpage for more information on their activities